Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So You Wanna Be A Singer. DRESS IT UP

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tagmt said...

I came across your videos,and I had to get in touch with you some how,So I hope you see this.I feel your messages are coming into my life just when I need them. In 07 at 27,I was injured to the point of becoming immediately bedridden.I had been singing for as long as I could remember,and had just 1 week before being hurt held a concert,& had raised enough for my groups first CD. Between being hurt so badly,and other things I went through,my heart was so broken and I couldn't sing any longer. I have been bed ridden for 5 years now. A few months ago, they diagnosed me as completely disabled.It made me feel like that was it. There was no more hope for me much less for any of my dreams to come true, and I felt my heart beginning to break once again. Watching your videos gave hope. Something I haven't felt for a long time. Sorry this is long but I had to thank you.
God bless you, and thank you again.