Monday, December 10, 2012

Money Problems

I'm in a little bit of a strange place right now. Here's the story.

I did a job for a band and we were asked to do overtime during the gig. I'd already gotten my pay in cash beforehand but fully expected overtime pay to be sent in a timely manner. Then I was booked for another gig two weeks later by the same band and was assured that my overtime pay would be in my envelope along with the pay for that night (which was already booked at an hour of overtime).

It's nearly 6 months later, and I still have not received overtime pay for the 1st job; and though I've written, emailed, and texted the bandleader; and he's promised to send payment 4 or more times, no money has landed in my mailbox.

What to do? I talked to my union and he's not a union member. I've called him, and he's assured me that it's an accounting problem and the money will be sent out the next coming Friday. He's dicking me around; and for so little money that I have to wonder if it's worth it to take him to small claims court on it.

At this point it's more the principle than the money. I've never had this type of problem with bands before, and I think if he's doing it to me he's probably done it to others. What do you think I should do?

The band is New York Minute and the bandleader is Bill Ciaremelli Jr. (I don't mind putting him on blast).