Friday, February 20, 2009

How to make it ''there''. And how to be succcessful ''there''

Hey Fam, This is a question I just got from a young lady from youtube:

"Heeyy Robert, i always had this Q in my head for a while. One of the singers that i look up to is beyonce,but i don't know how to actually start off to make it ''there'' if you know what i mean, Anyways how did beyonce get so successful and gets paid well for what she loves best? Someone told me that if i want to be in the music biz as a singer then i'm going to be broke for a while. I'm only 14 but i don't know what age i'm going to actually make it into the music industry but i want to start young so i can have more experience."

and here is my answer:

Well, A story like Beyonce's started when she was just a young girl. She had a lot of luck mixed with a lot of hard work. Remember she started a girl group with her friends and cousin? They practiced hard and performed wherever possible and finally caught the eye of someone who could move them along. Michael Jackson went through the same kind of thing by being in a group with his brothers.

How do you get there? Well, It should be a journey NOT a destination. You should be trying to be the best singer/songwriter/dancer/personality that you can be and finding as many opportunities as you can to perform and letting people know how much you enjoy it.

I started studying when I was in high school but was singing in church since I was very young. Am I there? well, my there is different from Beyonce's 'there'; but I'm doing what I love to do for a living and very happy every day to be in this I guess I'm at the 'there' where I'm supposed to be.

I hope this helps. Keep checking out my 'Singer' videos, studying your voice and singing, take an instrument or two and dancing classes if you can, and do a lot lot lot of performing. Then maybe you'll get 'there'.

Be Blessed.

I hope this also helps you also.