Friday, October 31, 2008

Josiah Leming is back with a Vengeance

I just read a little story on yahoo news about Josiah Leming. Remember him? The spoiled little kid who got kicked off American Idol during one of the Hollywood challenges? Well, he's at it again.

It seems that he got lucky and signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records (one of only 4 contestants to get a deal this year). The problem is that he signed a contract with American Idol (19E) that says he can't sign with anyone else until he gives Sony/BMG first refusal.

What is first refusal? It means that Sony/BMG had to be told about the Warner Bros. interest to sign Josiah and that Sony/BMG had the right to sign Josiah first or turn him down.

Why does it matter? Well, now AI is seeking to block the release of Josiah's debut CD, because he didn't go through the proper channels. Didn't Warner Bros. know of the contract with AI and 19E entertainment? Didn't they have the sense and foresight to seek compromise?

Now Josiah's lawyers are saying that Josiah Leming has 'personal reasons' for wanting to get out his CD soon: his mom is dying of cancer and he wants it on the shelves before she goes, so she can be proud of him. Great story. Maybe it's true. BUT this is business...nothing personal.

19E has every right to block the CD and is probably seeking monetary damages (money, payoff) for making Josiah a household name. Yes, they suck for blocking the boy after all he's gone through. Yes, He should be allowed to go forward. BUT he signed a contract and without that exposure no one might have ever know his name. 19E wants to be paid for their marketing and so they should be paid.

We wish you the best Josiah, but the victim act gets old pretty quickly.

What do you think? Should Josiah be allowed to release his album without paying AI?
Are they jerks for keeping him down? Do you think the CD will be any good? Could it challenge David Archuleta on the charts?