Monday, June 27, 2011

Working on new music... or not

Hey Fam, I hope all is well. I'm jus sitting here. Yup. I should be writing on 2 new songs and at the moment I'm sitting here watching youtube videos, chatting on facebook and twitter, and nursing a general malaise.

Even though most people think I'm so productive, I can also be very very lazy and it really bothers me sometimes. Yes, I can also be very focused but it seems to come in spurts and stops. I need more discipline.

Now I'm blogging and should be working on these songs. Actually I'm almost finished with one but the hook is really giving me a wall. How to tear it down? I'm trying everything but don't feel like I'm trying often or hard enough.

Is it just me being hard on myself or am I really being lazy?

I seem to have all the answers until I simply have all the questions.