Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas song in the making

I'm listening to some recordings from a songwriting session that I finished up with fellow youtuber emotionsmusic, who flew in from Germany, so we got together to attempt to write a song for Christmas.

Can I tell you that I am in love with the project so far? I've never really sat down with another songwriter to write a song from scratch and this was just...just...interesting and a Joy! I'm surprised how well we worked together and hope to repeat the process with other songwriters in the new year.

I'll be posting the song on my website and maybe also here on the blog when it's complete. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Banned Video: Tipsy Wine - throwback

This video was banned from youtube a few years back for being too sexually suggestive. It was a spoof of pretty Ricky's video and there were hundreds of others, but MINE was too sexy? Oy! whatever!

Enjoy and leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working like a Hebrew Slave

Hey Fam, I am rejuvenated and on my A game right now. I think I said before that I go through spurts where I'm lazy and others where I'm just over-productive. Well, Thank God the latter is now in the building!

The last few weeks I've been posting videos like a madman (on all 4 of my youtube channels), writing and recording several songs, and just really getting things done. I've also started doing commentary for the new U.S. version of X Factor. Life is so sweet right now!

Of course, life is always sweet for me but some times are sweeter than others. Look forward to several new songs/videos dropping on youtube this Fall and my weekly videos about Simon Cowell's new show.

Be Blessed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Working on new music... or not

Hey Fam, I hope all is well. I'm jus sitting here. Yup. I should be writing on 2 new songs and at the moment I'm sitting here watching youtube videos, chatting on facebook and twitter, and nursing a general malaise.

Even though most people think I'm so productive, I can also be very very lazy and it really bothers me sometimes. Yes, I can also be very focused but it seems to come in spurts and stops. I need more discipline.

Now I'm blogging and should be working on these songs. Actually I'm almost finished with one but the hook is really giving me a wall. How to tear it down? I'm trying everything but don't feel like I'm trying often or hard enough.

Is it just me being hard on myself or am I really being lazy?

I seem to have all the answers until I simply have all the questions.