Friday, May 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle: The Show

Hey Fam. Well, we've done the first show of The Wiz and it went rather interestingly. We rehearsed for 4 days and had many a glitch along the way with getting everyone together at the last minute. The show is really pretty good, and we do the original music from the Broadway, and movie, productions. The book is adapted to appeal to an audience of about 4-10 year olds and is set to run about 55 minutes.

What can I say about the experience? The show must go on, possibly. lol. Um, I don't want to be negative because it turned out to be quite a fun and interesting show; but everything seemed to go wrong on that first show.

With all the went wrong, though, the kids came out over 200 strong and enjoyed the performances and interacted with us quite a bit. There were quite a few changes and cuts cause the sound man and Glenda (the person playing her) didn't show up. Luckily I remembered all my lines and songs, and was very watchful about what was coming (or not coming) next. haha haha haha

Yea. It was something to behold and we all had a good laugh afterwards on the way home. Now we start rehearsals on Monday (proper rehearsals, I hope) for a show coming up on the 25th and about 4-5 more in the next month. This should be fun.

Maybe I'll have some footage for you in the near future. Be Blessed.